Tuesday November 9 2021 - #GiveaSh!rt #Weldwerks #Somebunny #MrWonderful #Sharktank #Scotch #Pizza #Vinepair

Today I’m drinking a SMASH IPA that I brewed myself - I based the loosely on a recipe like this https://brewgr.com/recipe/56781/fresh-cascade-smash-recipe - though I used 5.5 lbs of 2 row and 1 lb of wheat for head retention

WeldWerks Brewing Co. has teamed up with Somebunny Cares, a local nonprofit that provides unique post-op mastectomy shirts along with support accessories, quirky gift items, and outreach for women going through breast cancer. Brewed with love for Somebunny Cares, WeldWerks’ 10K IPA: #GIVEASH!RT Edition will provide $10,000 worth of breast cancer surgery recovery shirt kits. https://www.brewbound.com/news/weldwerks-brewing-to-provide-10000-towards-breast-cancer-surgery-recovery-shirt-kits

Vintage Wine Estates has partnered with Kevin O’Leary, businessman and investor and host of Shark Tank, to create “Shop Mr. Wonderful,” a new online platform featuring selections from VWE’s portfolio. The store features a curated selection of wines and will include a weekly “Kevin’s Spotlight,” highlighting an individual selection from the website. https://www.shopmrwonderful.com/

And Thanks Vine Pair. I can’t believe I haven’t tried this as I love scotch and pizza individually - but apparently, you need to try scotch and pizza! “Scotch and pizza pair together phenomenally well because you have so many options on the flavor spectrum available to you on both sides,” explains Ewan Morgan, national portfolio ambassador for Johnnie Walker. “The trick to making the pairings is understanding the primary flavors and not overthinking it.” https://vinepair.com/articles/johnnie-walker-and-pizza/

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