Tuesday November 30 2021 - #GreatWhiteNorth #AuCanada #CTV #winterbeer #NativeAmerican #BigChief #xmas #bourbonbarrel #pyramid

Today I’m drinking a Fear and Trembling from Hill Farmstead https://hillfarmstead.com/beer/fear-trembling-bourbon/

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If you’re close to our Canadian friends in the Great White North and not looking for a hot chocolate, Drink expert Ren Navarro (https://twitter.com/beer_diversity) dropped by CTV to offer dark and delicious beers that will keep you warm all winter long! Thankfully I can get some of these where I am. Unibroue - Ce n'est pas le fin du monde, Wellington Brewery - Chocolate milk stout, and Muskoka Brewery - Winter beard are their choices https://more.ctv.ca/the-social/life/trendy-beer-flavours-for-winter.html

About 10 miles north of Downtown Philadelphia you’ll find a new and small Native American owned brewery called Big Chief Brewing. While the shutdowns stalled their growth in their new spot, they’re now settling in and you can stop in for a Hazy Hiawatha IPA, Scout Stout, or Old Pale Face (to name a few). Stop in if you’re in the area and check them out at http://bigchiefbrewing.com/

And a sight to behold I’m sure. In Smiths Grove, Kentucky, you’ll find a 30-foot tall Christmas tree made out of bourbon barrels! Cody & Jon Vincent, otherwise known as The Bourbon Barrel Brothers, put it up and decorated it with the help of family. The project reportedly took them four days using 200 barrels, over 2,000 lights and weighs around 25,000 pounds. Unfortunately, it’s not full of bourbon, but it will stay up until early January for travelers to come bask in its glow - https://www.southernliving.com/news/bourbon-barrel-christmas-tree-edmonson-county-ky

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