Thursday November 4, 2021 - #InternationalStoutDay #HillFarmstead #Newair #beerfridge #Stout #Guinness

Happy International Stout Day! Today I’m drinking a Maple Breakfast Stout from 14th Star Brewery

Guinness brewery’s U.S. headquarters is releasing the brand’s first holiday beer this year in what we can expect will become a long line of national offerings. Guinness Imperial Gingerbread Spiced Stout 11% ABV and $19.99 per four-pack. It may come as a shock here in the US, but in Dublin they apparently have been making several variants for years.

Happy Anniversary to a Garage side hustle that is now a global leader in high-quality beer and wine fridges, Newair® started as a side hustle by Luke and Mariella Peters’ in 2001. Kate Rogers, Associate Product Manager at Newair®. “[We have] an attitude of doing whatever it takes to get things done.” Often, the company refers to this approach as “The Newair® Way”. They’re dedicated to creating the best possible product through surveys, talking to customers, and figuring out what product their customers want.

Vermont’s highest rated Stout -  Beyond Good And Evil from Hill Farmstead Brewery, American Imperial Stout 10.00% Amazingly - Hawaii, North Dakota and South Dakota did not have enough reviews to select one - so get busy people! Check out all the results, including your state’s best at

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