Thursday November 11 2021 - #VeteransDay #VeteranOwned #BootsToBusiness #20best #Top20 #ecofriendly #craftbeer

Today is Veteran’s Day and I’m drinking a Dawn Patrol from a local veteran-owned brewery 1st Republic Brewing

As it is Veterans Day, and no better day to support a local veteran-owned brewery than every Monday - Friday, here’s a list of 28 breweries to help you find something local to you. and please share others in the comments once I get this posted on

A list of “The 20 Best Beer Towns” has been released and, pretty awesome, I’ve had beers in several of them, including; Asheville, NC, Portland, ME, Lancaster, PA and (of course) Burlington, VT. I hope to visit every town on this list (and many up and coming towns too)

And did you know that only one-tenth of the plastic beer carriers get recycled? Most people toss them in a recycle bin, but plastic carriers and six-pack rings are incompatible with sorting equipment. As a result, they get rejected and sent to landfills or incinerated. The Eco Friendly Beer Drinker is driving an initiative to change that, recently announcing programs in VT and Massachusetts, working with recyclers and breweries to collect and reuse the carriers while also looking for more eco-conscious options

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