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Today I’m drinking an Extra Stout from Zero Gravity Brewing

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Speaking of stouts, despite what you may have heard, and even what numbers may have said, Stouts are here to stay. Apparently, the beverage, like many things, took a hit with shutdowns. Most people, myself included, prefer a draught over a can or bottle. “Stout Sells” seems to be the word with the beverage seemingly as popular as ever, including with those under 30. Don’t take my word for it - the Irish Times has more

Another story from the UK because it’s Jeremy Clarkson, from the proper version of Top Gear, who is producing Hawkstone on the Cotswold farm or ‘Diddly Squat Farm” as he calls it… you may have seen on his “Clarkson’s Farm” show on Amazon Prime. While he says some incredibly dumb things, like the original slogan, I like the one that they could actually print - “hard to make but easy to drink”. Things I learned from his story, in other countries you can order beer on Amazon.

And what to get for the beer lover on your gift list? Well if they’re not close enough to Lucy & Howe Brewing in Vermont to Get a bottle share, here’s a list I found from Hopculture. I actually have the Draft Top and can say it’s a bit of a gimmick, but not a bad one. I’ll keep the gift ideas coming!

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