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Today is National Recycling Day

Last week I told you about Vermont and Massachusetts making moves to recycle the plastic can holders, well now the news is coming in that The San Diego community of craft breweries are coming together with the San Diego Brewcycling Collaborative. They originally looked at Paktechs but found several other opportunities for re-use and recycling. Now, they’re bringing the rest of the beverage industry together and using program support and education on how to sort, separate, and prepare recyclable items to be responsibly processed

And Rogue Ales & Spirits announces its commitment to sustainability with new recyclable packaging. Rogue is switching all product packaging from plastic rings to 100% recyclable wrap packs in an effort to reduce waste and send 100,000 fewer pounds of plastic waste to landfills annually. In addition to reducing plastic waste, the wrap pack substrate is responsibly sourced through sustainable forestry practices.

Wine Spectator Kicks Off Annual Top 100 Countdown Today, leading up to the release of its full Top 100 Wines of 2021 list on Monday, November 22. While they already released #10 and #9 as of this recording - you’ll have to go to to get the results

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