Monday Nov. 22 2021 - #Alchemist #HeadyTopper #TopWine #VinePair #Ball #canshortage

Today I’m drinking a Frost Beerworks IPA

The Alchemist Heady Topper is an enigma, and a whale, in the craft beer world. Why is it that people will drive hundreds of miles for the beer? Gear Patrol did just that (driving 400 miles) to try and figure out why there is such a cult following around the beer that has now been canned for 10 years, and started driving much of the craft beer craze in Vermont.

Not looking for a Hazy boi? Well how about one of the 50 Best Wines of 2021? VinePair has released their list of the tops of the wine charts for you to peruse. While they tasted all manner of wines from Bordeaux to Cabs. Spoiler - it was the Pinot Noir that impressed them the most this year, with bottles from all across the Golden State — Sonoma, the Petaluma Gap, the Sta. Rita Hills, and the Central Coast — making the final cut. Check out the full list at

Ball Corporation has been notifying customers that they are moving to a. Minimum order of five truckloads per SKU for printed Cans, and will no longer warehouse inventory for customers. As the aluminum can shortages continue, most small brewers who can’t meet that order are being pointed to brokers - and that could drive up costs for alcoholic and non alcoholic craft beverages. While there are more plants under construction, the shortage is expected to continue into 2022 and potentially beyond.

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