Wednesday October 27th, 2021 - Happy #NationalAmericanBeerDay #FooFighters #sake #Yuengling

Today for NATIONAL AMERICAN BEER DAY I’m drinking Lucy & Howe Biere Maison

Yuengling found out about a 106 year old, Margaret Dilullo, who has had at least 31,000 beers in her life (mostly Yuengling and mostly their traditional Lager) so they decided to send her a gift. They pulled up to her driveway with a literal truckload of beer to share with friends and family.

Elysian Brewing Taps Seattle’s Georgetown Morgue (a haunted house) to Deliver Spine-Chilling Thrills and beer! Actors from Georgetown Morgue say they’ll haunt your doorstep, and nightmares, as they deliver Elysian’s pumpkin beer variety pack. It’s all part of the brewery’s “Scary Good Delivery Service.” That started delivering today. Video at

And combining bands with booze! The Foo Fighters are celebrating their 25th anniversary, and the release of the band’s 10th album called “Medicine at Midnight”, by collaborating with TATENOKAWA to brew an original sake. The Sake is inspired by the title of their 10th album “Medicine at Midnight”, and is named “HANSHO” Japanese for “Midnight”.

Bonus - McNeill’s Brewery in Vermont has announced they anticipate re-opening on May 1st 2022. Keep an eye on their Facebook page for more details

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