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Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Tuesday October 19th #nanobrewery #Taxes #Koozie #HillFarmstead

Today I'm drinking a Warsteiner Oktoberfest

Full Barrel Cooperative Brewery & Taproom now open - a member-owned cooperative nano brewery in Burlington, VT's New North End. "Since 2014 Full Barrel has spread the joys of craft beer, brewing, and community with the goal of opening Burlington Vermont’s first cooperative owned brewery. We are so proud that our dream has become a reality"

Mass. officials consider doubling taxes on beer, wine and liquor - Reasons for "Doubling the excise taxes... would generate $67 million in new taxes and allow the state to invest more in substance use treatment and prevention." Reasons against, "it could threaten the existence of locally-owned alcohol retailers"

If you've ever wanted a flannel shirt, puffer jacket, or sleeping bag to store your beverage in, keep your hands warm and the beverage cool while drinking around the fire pit - you now have the product you dreamed of

BONUS - news about Hill Farmstead and several new beers, including six versions of Self Reliance, coming soon (ish)

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