Thursday October 28th 2021 - what's in store for 2022, two traditional whiskies, and a newish VT brewery?!

Today I’m drinking a No. 14 Bourbon whisky finished with Vt Maple Syrup from Vermont Spirits

What will 2022 bring to the craft scene, according to the Manual it’s not as much as I thought - but apparently N?A and Low ABV beer will continue to grow, Influencers will have a bigger role and so will collabs, plus seltzer continues to sizzle (though other sources suggested it will fizzle a bit) and the newest hotspot is no longer VT, Portland, or San Diego - it’s now going to be Minneapolis? Will the Twin Cities be able to pull this off, read more at

Benriach Single Malt Scotch has debuted two seasonal whisky releases in the U.S. based on early traditional methods of whisky-making. They’ll be costly - coming in at about $150 for Benriach Malting Season in a 750 ml bottle. This is made from hand-turned floor malts. Benriach Smoke Season uses a seasonal beaded malt approach that’s batch distilled and matured in first-fill bourbon barrels, combined with a high proportion of charred and toasted American virgin oak casks. Smoke Season is the most intensely smoked whisky to be released by the distillery and comes in at about $72 per 750 ml bottle.

And how did so many of us miss this? Lover Vermont Beer on Twitter directed me to this. Scotch Hill Brewing Co. opened in downtown Fair Haven… on Aug. 12th! According to the Freeps, (aka Burlington Free Press) a half-dozen house beers were on tap Saturday, including a pale ale, an India pale ale, a Kolsch, a Scotch ale, a stout and the rock-band-inspired Mashing Pumpkin Ale that’s described by the brewer as “Pumpkin pie in a glass,” details at

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