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Wednesday, October 20, 2021

October 20, 2020 #GoldPlated #BrewDog #Bourbon #Xmasshopping #AAFSA #alcoholfreespirits #TenBends

Today I'm drinking a Ten Bends Creampuff war

BrewDog offers a Gold Plated Apology and Launches The Sequel - Win one of ten diamond encrusted gold-plated cans OR £25k cash equivalent (looks like this is in the UK only though) a link is at the link...

Bourbon pickins might be a bit slim for the holidays. Since it takes years to make, even with over 500,000 estimated barrels aging right now, retailers suggest shopping now for the holidays

And one of the bigger crazes (and it's expected to get bigger in 2022) is alcohol-free booze. The American Alcohol Free Spirits Association wants to help makers do it - "AAFSA’S memberships will provide multiple benefits to the people who will be associated with it in the future, including expertise, easily accessible information, committee structure, publications, and research data." and have launched a crowdfunding campaign

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