October 15 2021 The Boozebuddy Update - #Fridayfeels #weekend #Untappd #Whistlepig #CBD

#Friday Edition of The Boozebuddy Update

#Untappd has a great list of 9 Best American and English #Porters of 2021. Also - send me a friend request I'm https://untappd.com/user/BoozeBaconBoy on Untappd. Here's the Porter story: https://untappd.com/blog/9-best-american-and-english-porters-of-2021/1346

Alcohol-Free, #Hemp #Infused RTD Jeng Launches Two New Flavors https://www.brewbound.com/news/alcohol-free-hemp-infused-rtd-jeng-launches-two-new-flavors

And WhistlePig is adding an RTD (Ready To Drink) Rye Canned Cocktail - WhistlePig PiggyBack Rye Smash to its lineup in 3 flavors - Blackberry Lemon Fizz, Session Citrus Mint, and Fresh Ginger Lime: https://thewhiskeywash.com/whiskey-styles/american-whiskey/whistlepig-adds-a-ready-to-drink-rye-canned-cocktail-to-its-line-up/

Find out more about your host The Real Voice - Mel Allen. He's a working voice over talent and you can check out voice over samples and demos at https://therealvoice.com

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