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Today I'm drinking a Cider Donut from Downeast Cider

Melvin Brewing and premier outdoor apparel brand Kühl® giving back to the local communities where Melvin’s beer is sold and warming bodies with one KÜHL® jacket for every 10 cases or two kegs of Scenario Porter sold

MMA fighter and former UFC champion Conor McGregor launched his successful Irish whiskey brand, Proper No. Twelve three years ago, but the Irish Whiskey Association might require some changes "the labelling, packaging, advertising, or promotion of an Irish Whiskey must not include a reference to any number (however expressed), if the reference to that number may create a likelihood of confusion on the part of the public as to whether the number relates to the maturation period of the Irish Whiskey, its age or when it was distilled"

And TRU Colors Brewery in Wilmington, North Carolina, beer is used to decrease gun violence and bring people closer together after a partner in Untappd, George Taylor learned of gang violence in the area. Long story short, after bringing rival gang leaders together local groups say gang violence has decreased by 51.2% locally. Was the beer the reason? Seems plausible!

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