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Thursday, October 7, 2021

Boozebuddy Update for October 7 2021 - #HalloweenParty ideas #PinkBoots and #Cider news

Your #ThirstyThursday edition of the Boozebuddy Update!

I fully support adult-themed Halloween parties and stuffing a #halloween #pinata with tiny bottles of booze? I'm in! check it out at

Yakima Chief Hops announce the pre-sale of their 5th Annual Pink Boots Blend in partnership with Pink Boots Society

Vermont-based Woodchuck Hard Cider is bringing back several fan favorites of previous years in honor of its 30th anniversary

Thank you to our first supporter TL!

Find out more about your host The Real Voice - Mel Allen. He's a working voice over talent and you can check out voice over samples and demos at

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